We begin with romance and ambiance. Tasteful Innovations will learn about your likes & dislikes, allergies, food intolerances or other dietary constraints. I will also review your refrigerator and freezer capacity and learn your kitchen layout.  Once we get to know each other and you choose the gourmet meal of your liking, I will do your grocery shopping and freshly prepare your meal in your own kitchen leaving it fragrant with the aromas of five star restaurant cooking.  When you sit down for your 4 course meal, your culinary journey will begin. Your journey begins with a bottle of wine or specialty drink chosen specifically for your special night. We will open your palatal journey with a shared appetizer you will enjoy while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. The next stop is a crisp salad topped with fresh vegetables and drizzled with a hand-crafted dressing; your heart will flutter as he gently kisses the wandering dressing from your chin. As your silky smooth foot lifts his pant leg, the main course will be served, each bite igniting a flavorful fire to further get your juices flowing. Destination dessert is our next stop, your mouth will experience a melt in your mouth, roll off your tongue, flavor sensation that is sure to ignite the pleasure sensors in your body. I will leave your kitchen spotless and get out of your hair because 3 has now become a crowd. Now you’re ready  for the romantic journey to begin!